Sitebuilder error : Domain does not point to xxxxx account

Problem when customers see error messages like :
«domain does not point to xxxxx account»
This message appears because of one of the following reasons :

a) the main domain is not pointed to our nameservers or it was pointed less than 24 hours ago . To fix this you need to set our nameservers as follows for your domain :

b) customer uses his main ftp logins for addon domain . To fix this you should use ftp logins for the addon domain, the logins can be found in cpanel -->>> FTP accounts section . The logins should be as follows :
FTP login: [email protected]
FTP password: somepass

c) addon domain points to the folder named «» , and it should be pointed to «xxx» folder without '.com' at the end . To fix this you need to re add your addon domain and point it to «xxx» folder .

d) public_html folder does not exist . To fix this you need to go to file manager in your cpanel and create public_html folder there or send email to [email protected] and they will create this folder for you .

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